Send secret messages hidden within pictures. Message In A Picture allows you to embed messages within pictures. Now you can protect your privacy and keep snooping eyes from seeing your messages.

Using Message In  A Picture is simple, fast and secure, just write a message, take pictures, and your message is stored inside the pictures using steganography. Once we’ve embedded your message, you can send the pictures using email, place them on dropbox, Google Drive, Box or any blog or website that does not resize messages (Facebook is incompatible at this time). How you send the pictures is completely up to you. Email one, and upload another to your website, email both, or put them on a thumb drive and mail them, you get to decide how you want to share your picture messages.

Message In A Picture gives you two options for embedding messages. Level 1 security will embed your message in one picture. This option is great when you don’t need complete security but want to keep your messages private. Level 2 security makes two encoded messages and embeds them into two separate pictures. Both pictures are needed to read the message. Not even Message In A Picture can read them with only one of these pictures. This is ideal when you want to prevent anyone other than your recipient from reading the message.

Please note that your recipient will need to use Message In A Picture on Android to read your message. If we have enough demand, we will expand to other platforms, but for now, it’s Android Only.